High Performance Storage


Our complete end to end solution for the Life Sciences Industry includes computation, networking, ArcaStream scalable NAS storage infrastructure, and professional services bringing it all to life. It is enterprise grade, redundant, cost effective and scalable, utilizing the latest state of the art systems.


PixStor, Pixit Media’s software-defined scale-out storage solution, provides flexible scalability and predictable performance, without relying on expensive proprietary hardware technology. This allows content creators and distributors of any size to efficiently and granularly manage expansion and data retention costs as workflows change.

PixStor improves on traditional storage solutions by combining the performance of SAN-based technology with the usability of centralized Scale-Out NAS into a single, software-defined platform. Facilities are capable of concurrently accessing any type of data from any part of the workflow without performance degradation using industry standard sharing protocols (SMB, NFS, etc).

With a software-based approach to performance and capacity scaling, PixStor users are free to choose the most appropriate disk, tape, and cloud components for their requirements from a wide-range of certified components, and services, all tightly integrated and supported by Pixit Media’s professional services and support team. By providing appliance functionality without traditional appliance restrictions, PixStor can reduce growth and support costs by as much as 90% by removing hardware vendor lock-in.


Our complete end to end solution for the Machine Learning Industry which includes GPU computation, networking, ArcaStream scalable NAS storage infrastructure and professional services bringing it all to life. Enterprise grade, redundant, cost effective and scalable with balanced performance and capacity. Utilizing state of the art GPU’s from NVIDIA such as P100 and V100, we understand the performance requirements one needs when doing machine learning and AI. Our solution is scalable from just a few nodes and tens of terabytes of storage to thousands of nodes and 100’s of PetaBytes with hundreds of file systems throughput. We design each system with the appropriate GPU platform and configuration along with the most cost-effective storage media to meet the performance, capacity and throughput requirement. Because we design and support the entire system from end to end, you will be ensured that your system is optimally configured and supported for your environment.