GigaIO Partners with Applied Data Systems to Advance High-Performance Connectivity Solutions

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — GigaIO, Inc. and Applied Data Systems today announces a strategic partnership to advance high-speed, high-performance connectivity solutions. The collaboration will address the demand for streamlined system integration by enabling efficient allocation of resources and driving down operating costs.

GigaIO’s FabreX™ technology is a hyper-performance network that delivers high-composability and low latency. The platform’s flexible infrastructure allows users to effortlessly disaggregate and share resources, resulting in improved resource utilization and overall cost reduction.

Applied Data System’s AgilityFlex™ cluster uses GigaIO’s FabreX platform to bring low-latency, high-bandwidth, cost-efficient interconnect performance and flexibility to high-performance computing, AI, machine and deep learning, genomics and advanced analytics.

“We are committed to building the world’s most tightly integrated, workload optimized supercomputer clusters for the most demanding data intensive applications, including integrated networking, software, high-performance storage, implementation and support,” says Craig Swanson, partner at Applied Data Systems. “We chose the GigaIO solution because it meets the needs of our customers. Specifically, they need to leverage their current capital equipment while providing a faster, more cost-effective, fully configurable solution to address their research and big data projects. The GigaIO FabreX platform is a key component in our new AgilityFlex cluster product line.”

“Let’s face it, access to data and storage requirements for companies have skyrocketed. No one can see this more clearly than those building advanced scaled computers to meet user needs,” says Steve Campbell, chief marketing officer at GigaIO. “Applied Data Systems totally understands the increasing demand for flexibility, speed and cost effectiveness. We are proud to be a part of its AgilityFlex cluster product line.”

About GigaIO
GigaIO provides game-changing hyper performance for advanced scale computing, giving users the flexibility to create exactly the system they need. The result is optimized performance and reduced total cost of ownership. With the innovative GigaIO FabreX™ architecture, data centers can scale up or out the performance of their systems, preserving their existing investment while adding the newest and latest capabilities. For more information, contact the GigaIO team at or visit

About Applied Data Systems
Applied Data Systems is a leading high-performance computing system integrator serving government national Labs, higher educational research facilities, life science and genomics, media and entertainment and oil and gas. Applied Data Systems partners with the leading companies to help customers solve both their technical and financial objectives to drive success. For more information, please visit

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